Past Events 2013 - 2011

W4 Event (UK)

The W4 event took place in London and hosted by the Government Property Unit (GPU) from 2nd – 5th December 2013.

More information and report will be available later.

For more information please contact:

Victoria Nowell
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Strategies for cultural heritage properties (Norway)

Many PuRE-net members have a portfolio of cultural heritage properties. Some of these properties serve clear goals and needs of the state, while other properties can be sold at the market. In between – in the “grey zone” – there are a number of properties that need to be kept in reserve or are obsolete but not marketable. The question is what to do with these kinds of cultural heritage properties in times of tight budgetary restrictions?

The working table met on November 21-22 2013 in Oslo, Norway. Representatives from 6 countries shared cases and exchanges experiences with “grey zone” cultural heritage properties, comparing strategies and policies. Read the report here. The Working table will continue its work in 2014.

For more information please contact:

Ulrika Bergström
Phone: +47 4684 7863
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Annual meeting 2013 (Germany)

The annual meeting took place in Berlin from 1-3 September 2013.

The agenda is available here. For more information please contact:

Ute Weesbach
Phone: +49 (0) 228 37787 - 976
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2013 Germany              

Efficient office space solutions II (Belgium)

The Working Table took place in Brussels 23 August, following up the working table held last year in Berlin. The Working Table had focus on occupancy standards, shared workspaces and new ways of working and other means to reduce office space usage. More concretely, the meeting concentrated on KPIs and the successes and challenges of initiatives to increase portfolio performance and usage. 
For more informtion please contact:

Geoffroy Magnan
Phone: +32 474.206.368
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2013 Belgium


June 2013: Steering committee meeting (Denmark)

The PuRE-net steering committee met on June 19 for the second time of the year. Farid Azarkan (The Netherlands) replaced Alex Vermeulen for the meeting.

It has been a successful year for PuRE-net so far. The membership has increased from 15 to 20 organisations as the following organisations have joined the network since the 2012 annual meeting:

  • Office of Public Works (Ireland)
  • Turto bankas (Lithuania)
  • Valsts Nekustamie Ipašumi (Latvia)
  • The Turkish Ministry of Finance
  • The Government Property Unit (United Kingdom)

Three successful Working Tables have been organised, and a fourth Working Table takes place in Brussels in August. See descriptions below.

Minutes of the meeting are available upon request; please contact the PuRE-net This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2013 Denmark.jpg - Windows Fotofremviser 


June 2013: Organisational strategy and business models (Denmark)

The Working Table took place in Copenhagen 19-20 June.

2013 Denmark2.jpg - Windows Fotofremviser


May 2013: PuRE-net Working Table (Estonia)

PuRE-net Working Table in Tallinn

On the 16th and 17th of May, the Information management and core processes workgroup gathered in Tallinn, Estonia. Working table meets regularly from 2010 and the 4th working table in Tallinn elaborated information systems support to maintenance management process.

17 representatives from 7 countries participated in Tallinn. In addition to long-time members (Denmark, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia) there were Latvia and Lithuania participating for the first time in PuRE-net working table.

Two days passed by listening very meaningful and interesting presentations. Five countries presented information system solutions of the real estate maintenance management in their agencies.

Jindrich Novak from Czech Republic, the presiding country of the Information management and core processes working table, has summarized the outcomes:

  • Top maintenance priority for the participants in general is to keep buildings in functional status for business operations. Running costs reduction, customer satisfaction, environment impact and market value enhancing (in this order) have lower priorities.
  • The use of different information systems for three maintenance management sub-processes (planning, assignment and execution) is quite common. Only a few institutions use special Maintenance management system or Building management system.
  • Quite often picture is: registration of plenty of maintenance data in a number of information system modules. As a result keeping of updated data is a problem. Horizontal integration between individual information system modules is a challenge for all.

Thanks to The Netherlands, whose exhaustive presentation gave us an overview of implementation of Oracle eBusiness Suite_v12, we have learnt that it is useful to have one platform for all the business processes. It is important not to customise the processes of the information system but adjust own business processes.

In addition to official part, we had an interesting visit to Estonian Seaplane harbour to hear Estonian maritime and military history. The museum is located in architecturally unique seaplane hangars, which include structures that were part of the Peter the Great Naval Fortress between 1916-1917 and now maintained by Estonian State Real Estate Ltd. We also had an enjoyable talk while having medieval dinner in Tallinn Old Town and we finished our day with ghost tour on the haunted streets of the Tallinn Old Town. No ghost was seen, but still we learnt a lot about the history of Tallinn.

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May 2013: Energy Strategy - What needs to be done? (Austria)

PuRE-net Working Table „Energy Strategy – What needs to be done?“

On 23.+24. May 2013 fifteen representatives from 7 PuRe-net member states (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, The Netherlands and Czech Republic) met for the PuRE-net Working Table „Energy Strategy – What needs to be done?” in Vienna.

The programme of the WT comprised the following contents:

  • New Energy Efficiency Directive of the EU
  • Developing new Life Cycle Cost Models
  • Case Studies (Examples of refurbishment achieving high levels of energy efficiency)
  • Energy Efficiency in PPP’s
  • BIG’s experiences with Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

The WT had a special interactive “touch” thanks to various interactive “sessions” („Visual Talk“, „Vienna Coffee House Tour“, „Action Space“, etc.) addressing questions concerning experiences with building certificates, special focus programmes of the respective PuRe-net organisations with respect to energy efficiency, procuring and implementing EPC, energy audits, etc. and thus contributing to a very productive atmosphere.

Of course, BIG’s „Business Model“ was also in the focus of interest.

The first day of the WT was rounded off by a tour of the new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business and a subsequent informal dinner at a traditional Austrian restaurant.

The second day the participants focused on the question “What needs to be done?“ and worked out a “supersized” mind-map representing their individual approaches and answers.

Additionally, all representatives committed themselves to providing individual feedback on a specific action or next step concerning the outcome of the WT in their respective organisation until mid-August.

The results and insights shall be presented to the plenary session at the annual conference in Berlin at the beginning of September 2013, where the direction of future activities will also be decided.

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Annual meeting, September 2012

PuRE-net Annual Conference took place in The Hague on 16-18 September 2012 combined with TWN Annual Meeting.

Documents and presentations are available inside login area.

Group Photo


Working Table "Efficient office space solutions" 

28-29 August 2012

The meeting took place in Berlin in the building of the German Ministry of Finance, gathering 17 people from 8 different countries. See the agenda.

 Berlin - August 2012


 "Cost savings" & "Energy strategy and management" Working Table

21-22 June 2012

The meeting took place in The Hague with one day dedicated each of the topics with the aim of sharing knowledge, experiences and practical solutions on effective ways to contribute to cost savings in the public real estate domain. See the agenda.

The Hague


11 October 2011

The 5th PuRE-net Annual Conference in Prauge closed its workson Tuesday, October 4.

All presentations and conference documents (including agenda and participants list) are now available in the PuRE-net Virtual Headquater inside the 5th Annual Conference Building.


30 March 2011

Portfolio Management Working Table, Vienna 11-12 April 2011

The agenda and list of participants to the Portfolio Management Working Table are now available.


14 January 2011

Steering Committee Meeting in Prague

The first 2011 meeting of the PuRE-net Steering Committee took place in Prague on January 14. One of the main issues of the meeting concerned the PuRE-net registration as an association, which occurred according to the Finnish legislation.