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Portfolio Ownership and Management Working Table

The questionnaire was issued in June 2020 and data have been gathered during the summer time.

Here you can find Report where all the data were summed up offering conclusions and insight on the property management and ownership strategies.

10 countries were participating and the common factors to explore in state-owned portfolio management were Political Climate for change; Assessing Opportunities/Benefits; Blocks, Barriers and Risks; Operational Impacts and Requirements; Special or Sensitive Portfolio.

As the dominant portfolio management strategy was recognised centralization process, so we summarized the major key milestones of this strategy which can be found in a Road map.

Both documents were written by Mr. Robert Lonnon consulting PuRE-net members and the survey was conducted by the Czech Republic as a guidance to new Portfolio Ownership and Management Working Table, most probably shifted to on-line meeting.



PuRE-Net Survey 2020

The final Survey 2020 can be found here.


Vacancy notice for a Seconded National Expert (SNE)

The PuRE-net president recently exchanged information with the European Commission, OFFICE FOR INFRASTRUCTURE AND LOGISTICS – BRUSSELS. As a follow up we agreed to inform our members about different issues. This time we have a vacancy notice: they are looking for someone with a facility management and real estate profile with a solid business analyst and strategies setting background as s/he would participate in the development and implementation of a new framework for assets and facility services management in the Commission.  More information can be find here.


Sharing article

Sharing article. "Central government property asset management: a review of international changes"  from Olga Kaganova:  new paper in Journal of Corporate Real Estate can be find here.


Newsletter 2/2020

The new Newsletter has been published right before the upcoming Annual conference 2020. Special editorial from Pure-net president expressing great acknowledgements to our Danish colleagues for patience with preparation of this year Annual conference followed by report form Working table Office space solution and other topical information can be find here.


Announcement regarding the Annual Conference 2020

Dear PuRE-net colleagues, due to the current COVID-19 situation the Annual Conference 2020 will be held as an on-line meeting organized using Microsoft Teams on Wednesday September 16th 14:00-15:00 pm. The secretariat is investigating possibilities of adding a short program with relevant inputs and therefore asks you to reserve 13:00-16:00 in your calendar. The invitation to the AGM will be sent early September with relevant documents and link to the meeting.
PuRE-Net Steering Committee and BYGST have jointly decided to postpone hosting of Annual Conference in Copenhagen until next year to be conducted in 2021 on September 19th  – 22nd. The theme will remain ”Workplace for the future” and hosting BYGST is looking forward to introduce you the comprehensive and inspiring program of the conference. More can be found


Office Space Solutions 2020 – virtual meeting

Working Table Office Space Solutions 2020 was virtually hosted by RVB, the Netherlands on 24 June 2020. It aimed to continue the discussions of last year’s Working Table on Activity Based Working introducing current visions on ABW, examples of relevant trends, and planning for future work place concepts. Of course, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were a central thread through our discussions, having a significant impact on office life now and the foreseeable future. Working Table was joined by 40 participants from 13 PURE-net organisations and also colleagues from the Canadian affiliated NEFPP- network payed their virtual visit. A WT report, all presentations and video recordings of the sessions will be available on the PuRE-net website/members only section.



The PuRE-net website has been transferred under new provider recently and therefore your log-in password will be invalid. To obtain new one, please follow the instructions as if you have forgotten one. The system will generate verification code that will be sent to your e-mail and this allows you to set a new password. Your Username and e-mail contact remain the same as before. In case you face any difficulties when changing password or if you found any discrepancies or failures regarding the content of the new web, please contact us directly here. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Access to NEFPP web site

The Steering Committee has agreed a new letter of collaboration with National Executive Forum on Public Property (NEFPP). According to the agreement PuRE-net has been invited to access their web site. For information about how go to Body of Knowledge folder.


Impact of COVID-19 – online member meeting 27th May 2020

PuRE-net Steering Committee would like to thank all participants for their attendance, inspiring input and willingness to share their experience how to mitigate impact of COVID-19 regarding our work.  Member Meeting took place on-line and 40 participants from 18 countries joined. All presentations are available under log-in COVID-19 section here.


Collaboration with NEFPP in Canada

According to the first letter of collaboration with National Executive Forum on Public Property, the cooperation was evaluated by both organizations last year. Finally we had a joint evaluation and agreed to continue the cooperation.
A new letter of collaboration was drafted and discussed this spring. After having been discussed in the governing bodies of both organizations, it was finalized in a joint zoom-meeting on April 29th 2020. The text of the new agreement can be read here



We have set up a new menu point in the log in section “COVID-19 – related information”.

 In this section you will find documents from member countries related to how they give advice on this issue. Most of the information is related to construction activity.

 One file contains short information from some member countries on the present situation.

 You are all invited to share short information about the situation in your country as well as documents which could be of relevance to other members. This information can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If translation is necessary, please contact us at the same address and specify the content of your contribution.


Newsletter 1/2020

Newsletter 1 2020The present situation in the world limits travel and physical contacts. Most of the employees in Statsbygg are at home working as individuals from their laptops. But the business is going, virtual meetings are used frequently. Many of those taking care of our buildings have to a large extent, implemented digital solution as an alternative to physical presence. I assume you all are facing these challenges and try to be digitally creative and carry on important work as much as possible. Read more from the PuRE-net President here.


Facility management in Oslo (21-23 June 2020)

WT FM 2020Second working table Facility Management will take place in Oslo June 21st-23rd. Sunday is arrival in order to start working from nine Monday morning. Departure can be planned after 14:00. More information will be available later.

Program is in preparation. We will follow up the conclusions from Copenhagen, draft a White Paper which can be passed on to the Annual Meeting and dive deeper down in defining FM and understand the “maturity” in this field, seen from each PuRE-net member organization.



Annual Conference 2020: Workplace of the future - Copenhagen

2020 AC CopenhagenSave the date 13-16 of September 2020!

Bygningsstyrelsen (The Danish Building and Property Agency) will host PuRE-Net’s Annual Conference 2020.

During the days we will discuss how the members of PuRE-Net adapt to the future in terms of sustainability, construction, flexible buildings etc. The Annual Conference will begin September 13th in the evening and end September 16th at lunch time.

In March 2020 we will inform you about registration and distribute the program. We look forward to welcoming you.


Activity based working (ABW)

A year ago, we shared this opinion: A lot of research have been done regarding the effects of different working environments. However, there is a lack of relevant, holistic research on the effects of ABW. There is a lot of research on limited aspects of working environments (like psycho-sociological effects, indoor climate, health etc.). Further, there is a lack of comprehensive collection of best-practice cases and a common understanding/definition of what ABW is. 
The Steering Committee informed the Annual General Meeting about their intent to start a project in order to fill this gap. Juriaan van Meel was given the task to conduct the research and provide a guide including best cases, as well as an introduction of what constitutes a good process in order to reach an ABW solution.
The result was presented during the Annual Conference in Edinburgh and you may download the guide here.


Annual Conference in Edinburgh (15-18 September 2019)

This year’s annual conference took place in Edinburgh between 15-18 September 2019 and was hosted by Scottish Futures Trust, the Scottish Government’s infrastructure centre of expertise. The title of this year’s conference was ‘Fit for the Future’ where we shared how we are all preparing for the future as well as explore current and emerging themes, technologies and innovations which are already changing the way we plan, deliver and manage our properties. More information can be found here.

Edinburgh AC 2019


Office Space Solutions (ABW) in Oslo (23-25 June 2019)

More than 40 participants from 12 different countries met in Oslo June 23rd-25th and discussed activity based working solutions. Siri Hunnes Blakstad and Ane Gjerland gave lecturers on the arena “WHY”. Whilst Juriaan van Meel concentrated on “HOW”. He is the researcher working on the PuRE-Net documentation which will be presented at the Annual Conference in Edinburgh. The participants contributed with their experience and knowledge in order to give more input to this documentation. For more information click here.

ABW WT 2019 Oslo mini


Strategy Working Table in Oslo (25-26 April 2019)

 A meeting of the Strategy Working Table took place in Oslo April 25.-26. 2019. There were 20 participants present from 11 member countries. Information from the lectures and presentations will be added to the website soon.

IMG 1200 mini


 Sales Working Table in Vienna (21-22 March 2019)

 WT Sales 2019On 21-22 March the 2nd Working Table Sales took place in Vienna. A very fruitful meeting where 11 organisations shared their best practices on sales strategies. Main topics of this meeting were digital tools, sale of historic assets, incorporating State policy in sales procedures (Social value – sustainability).

The group is currently working on a summary of the meeting, to be shared with the PuRE-net community in the summer. Next proposed meetings of this Working Table are during the Munich Expo Real (7 to 9 October – short get together) and in spring time of 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania (3rd WT).



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